Our products participate sucessfully in international competitions such as the Great Taste Awards and the Dalemain Awards, in annual basis.


The Great Taste Awards are organized annually by the Fine Food Guild and host over 10,000 culinary creations in various categories and therefore have become one of the most important delicatessen competition worldwide.

Outside of the city Penrith – England, Dalemain Mansion is famous as the home of the World Marmalade Awards. Each year participate thousands of producers from all over the world – exclusively with marmalade creations.

Fir Tree and Spring Blossom Honey

Golden Star GTA 2012

"Stunning almost caramelly texture. Delicious rounded flavor - with a hint of floral accent and warmth on the tongue that was utterly beguiling".

Gemelli with Goat Milk and Eggs

Golden Star GTA 2013

"Attractively shaped pasta spirals. The taste was unusual and subtle, quite rich, with perhaps a hint of goat milk coming through. Good texture, we feel this would work well with a range of sauces".

Aubergine Salad with Smoked Tea

Golden Star GTA 2013

"An unusual but promising concept with an intriguing appearance and enticing aroma. We found the texture attractive and the flavours interesting, and feel this would be a good dip with pitta".

Knotgrass Blossoms Pure Unfiltered Honey

Golden Star GTA 2013

Cotton Blossoms Pure Unfiltered Honey

Golden Star GTA 2013

Handmade Trottole with Porcini Mushroom

Golden Star GTA 2013

Ginger Preserve in Lavender Scented Syrup

Golden Star GTA 2014

Strawberry Jam Infused with Fresh Mint and Black Pepper

Golden Star GTA 2014

Sweet Orange Extra Marmalade

Silver Dalemain Award 2014

Lemon Marmalade with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Silver Dalemain Award 2015

Tomato Sauce Oriental with 12 Spices

Golden star GTA 2016

"A sauce with a good natural colour and shine, and a real tomato aroma which carries through into a fresh tomato taste. A good blend of spices, we certainly got caraway and cardamom. A subtle, versatile and well thought out product".

Orzo with Seafood

Golden Star GTA 2016

"An intriguing aspect. There's a sound seafood aroma here, followed up by a powerful ozone flavour. The textures are excellent. This is an outstanding product, we feel, clearly great with a seafood addition but rather good just as is with a sprinkle of salt and a drizzle of olive oil".

Orzo with Greek Red Saffron

Golden Star GTA 2017

"Great texture to this orzo and a very pronounced and distinct saffron flavour. Wonderful lasting saffron notes".

Tagliattele - Hilopites with Goat Milk and Eggs

Golden Star GTA 2017

"Milk in pasta is unusual but we found the goat's milk did give it a good flavour and we enjoyed the texture".
"An interesting product, the likes of which we had not heard of before."
"A very good consistency and interesting point of difference to the flavour".

Orzo with Goat Milk

Golden Star GTA 2017

"Well-formed orzo that have held their shape well."
"A surprising pasta, where both the cereal and milk flavours come through well".

Marinated Mushrooms in EVO

Two Golden Stars GTA 2018

"Really good looking product, good variety of mushrooms - well cut - the texture and flavour are bang on... well seasoned and you get the full flavour - well cooked and not at all slimy".

Red Sweet Pepper Pate Extra Hot - with Chilli Carolina Reaper

Golden Star GTA 2020

"This paté has a rich bright red colour and roasted pepper like aroma. The texture is rich and creamy and then... the heat comes !! This has a bold fiery kick and has some warming smokiness. More of a sauce than a pate or dip this has a lot of heat. Only needed in small quantities".

Shredded Beetroot Relish with Quince & Ginger

Two Golden Stars GTA 2020

"A well presented and prepared chutney with an even grating of the beetroot and ginger. This is strongly ginger-noted on the nose. The taste is pretty much everything as described. There is the earthy sweetness of the beetroot, the fresh tangy heat of the ginger and a fruity balance of the quince that is working well with the brown sugar. These elements are then wrapped up in a very well judged level of vinegar to produce that all important tang of a good chutney....this has resulted in a very good chutney. We could have eaten this by the shovel load".

Blood Orange Marmalade with Bergamot

Golden Star GTA 2021

"Soft set marmalade with well prepared fine peel and the wonderful aroma of bergamot. This shows great finesse in the making, with wonderfully prepared and cooked peel releasing excellent fruity orange flavour with well judged bitterness which has been enhanced with the bergamot to add to the intensity".