About us

About us

You will find our workshop in the center of the Domokos Plateau – in the region of ancient Dolopia, where many remainings of the ancients have been found.

All our artisanal creations have their roots in the culinary past of Greece but we further develop them for modern needs, with respect for humans and nature

01 All our products are artisanal creations

02 Quality is the one and only criteria for our raw material selection.

03 We believe that fruits and vegetables should be used only fresh and seasonal.

04 We do not use any additives or preservatives for our artisanal creations.

05 Our daily goal is improvement and development.

06 Tradition and old techniques are the ultimate guideline for every production process.

Dedication and commitment to our goals lead us annualy to successful participation in international competitions such as the Great Taste Awards & the Dalemain Marmalade Awards.

Products of Dolopia


air dried - in well ventilated rooms at room temperature
slowly extruded through brass dies for pasta with rough surface

Sauces & Ketcups

rich in tomato
with fresh vegetables
only with extra virgin olive oil
thick consistency

Appetizers & Red Pepper Pate

without any additives or conservatives
only with extra virgin olive oil
mit frischem gemüse

Jams, Marmalades & Candied fruits

with traditional techniques
produced in small batches
only with fresh fruit
without any additives or preservatives


natural and unfiltered
rich in pollen wax particles
with high enzyme load

Omvriaki, Domokos

Since 2013 our workshop is located in Omvriaki, a beautiful hilly village outside of Domokos. In the plateau of Domokos, microclimate and soil provide excellent conditions for local vegetable production. Another important industry of the region is stock breeding - as it has always been. Regional farmers provide us with fresh goat milk, which gives our traditional pasta a special and unique aroma and flavor.

Fresh goat milk

For the kneading of our traditional pasta we use only fresh goat milk (without any water), which is supplied by local producers of Domokos plateau. The milk is processed in a way so that all the organoleptic properties can be maintained. This is one of the reasons for our pastas nice and intense flavour.

Pasta production

Our pasta is produced in small batches and with slow kneading in order to avoid overheating of the dough and losing aromas. Afterwards our pasta is spread in special trays and prepared for drying.

Pasta drying

A very critical phase of pasta production is the drying process. This is why we dry all our pasta naturally, in well ventilated areas, without any hasty procedures in order to maintain the natural aromas of the weat and all the other materials we use.

Fresh products

For the production of our products we use only fresh - seasonal - fruits and vegetables. Thoroughly washed we process them by hand: peeling, cutting, etc. Our goal is to produce products that are of the same quality and delicacy as a home made product, made with love, care and attention.

Open pan technique

For marmalades, jams, sauces and appetizers we use the traditional open pan technique, which guarantees proper boiling and fluid condensation without altering any of the organoleptic characteristics.

Oven baked delicacies

Many of our ingredients are prepared in a small oven - almost the same size with the one you have at home. Small production batches guarantee maximum quality control and the desired gustatory result.

Jar filling

All our jars are filled by hand. Hot marmalades, jams, sauces and appetizers find their way into their jars, their freshness and aroma properly sealed.

Our products

Due to the careful study of each production stage of our products, due to the attention we give to the smallest detail, due to the strict raw material selection, each Dolopia product hat its own distinctive character, taste and identity. We invite you with us on a culinary expedition!

Our daily goal is to improve our products, our manufacturing techniques and – of course – the gustatory result of every of our artisanal creations. Patricipating in international competitions helps as in order to achieve this goal. With great agony we are waiting every year for the results of the competitions and even more for the judges’ comments.


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