About Us

Our workshop is located in the center of the Domokos Plateau – in the region of ancient Dolopia, where many remainings of the ancients have been found.

All our creations have their roots in the culinary past of Greece but are further developed for modern needs with respect for humans and nature.

Dedication and commitment to our goals lead us annually to successful participation in international competitions such as the Great Taste Awards & the Dalemain Marmalade Awards.

01 All our products are artisanal creations
02 Quality is the one and only criteria for our raw material selection.
03 We believe that fruits and vegetables should be used only fresh and seasonal.
04 No additives or preservatives are used for our artisanal creations.
05 Our daily goal is improvement and development.
06 Tradition and old techniques are the ultimate guideline for every production process.

Explore our culinary world

The Great Taste Awards are organized annually by the Fine Food Guild and host over 10,000 culinary creations in various categories and therefore have become one of the most important delicatessen competition worldwide.

Outside of the city Penrith – England, Dalemain Mansion is famous as the home of the World Marmalade Awards. Each year participate thousands of producers from all over the world – exclusively with marmalade creations.

Curious about what the judges said?

A few words about our pasta

For the production of Dolopia Traditional pasta, we only use fresh goat milk without adding any water. This is the reason for their authentic strong aroma and rich taste.

Our pasta is air dried – in well ventilated rooms at room temperature. Using this process we guarantee that the wheat’s natural flavors and aromas are well maintained.

We do not add any salt.

Dolopia’s pasta is made in small lots, slowly extruded in order to avoid any heating up so that all-natural wheat flavors can be preserved.

A very critical production point is the fact that we use brass dies in order to produce pasta with a rough surface and exceptional texture which optimizes sauce adhesion.

We do not use any additives or preservatives.